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What We Offer

Great Working location

Our representative office is located on the Island of Thousands of God, where it becomes the main tourism area in Indonesia. We are offering you the opportunity to relocate yourself from hustle and bustle and be visit tourism spots every weekend.

Improvement in Knowledge and Skills

Offering high-quality training, hundreds of online courses are purchased free, prepared, and offered by Zettabyte. Not only technical improvement, but we also prepare the non-technical knowledge and skills to learn that fits your interest.

Social and Sport Activities

Monthly social and sports activities such as playing online games, futsal, tennis table, pizza night at the beach, and more social activities. Have any ideas to propose new social activities? Gather your friends!

Stress Reliever

Table tennis, badminton, tea, and coffee in the kitchen are prepared daily and regularly in the office.

We offer a wide variety of IT career

Project Management

Project Management handles the development and implementation of multiple products. As a project manager or assistant project management, you will manage the entire project lifecycle of our products including defining project scope, deliverables, schedules, requirement gathering, and successful execution. You are able to see the big picture but also have a great eye for detail to ensure the quality of the product delivered.

Human Resource

He/she will acquire new talent for our rapidly growing new customer/new projects. Our Recruiter must have extensive experience working with Technology Company. The successful candidate will have a keen eye when reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. If you’re sharp, professional, and orient, we would like to speak with you about this opportunity.


Admin with some accounting chops for our office in Bali / Pune and in Singapore. This role requires someone who can think fast, proactive, fun, trustworthy, and take challenges to learn new things. It offers you to know the tax rule not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore and India.


Marketing focuses on our rapidly growing new customers/new projects. Must able to understand spoken Frech as Marketing will handle the customer needs and becoming User-Help. Creative and innovative in proposing new ideas on promoting our projects.

Front End Developer

Front End Developers with a knack for Angular at our Bali office. You are a curious and collaborative software developer passionate about developing delightful products with new cutting edge technologies. You love wrangling with complex problems to produce great applications that solve people’s problems. You want to understand how your work connects to the bigger picture and you work hard because it comes from within, and the insatiable urge to change the world with great technology.

Back End Developer

You are interested in creating brilliant strategies from client requirements to develop innovative solutions with new cutting edge technologies. While we are open to various coding backgrounds we would love to find someone with JS skills, preferably NodeJS and modern Javascript frameworks. You are highly skilled in making APIs fast and intuitive.

Quality Assurance

Ensure to follow the step-by-step of the testing processes becomes the main priority of quality assurance. The success of an application is based on the last step of checking. This career will be the goal keeper of the project. Big responsibility will be given and the trust of the company will be on the hand.

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